How To Protect Your Florida Home From The 4 Biggest Threats Of Salt Water

14 July 2016
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Water damaged homes along the coast of Florida have much more to contend with than those that are inland. Whether you're a long-time Floridian or you're new to the state, you may not realize that during a hurricane or other severe storm, water is pulled off the ocean before being dumped back down on buildings, homes, and other property, leaving behind a different kind of damage in its wake. If you live anywhere that has a regular hurricane season, here are the four biggest ways that salt water is a threat to your safety as well as your belongings, and what you need to do about them. Read More 

Didn’t Make It To The Toilet? Safe, Efficient Solutions To Clean Up Vomit From Carpet And Rugs

11 July 2016
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From food poisoning or stomach infections to a more involved gastrointestinal illness, vomiting is a common side effect of many health issues. If you have ever suffered with a virus or gastrointestinal illness, you most likely understand how vomiting works. In most cases, you will not have the time or skill needed to avoid vomiting outside of your bathroom, so learning how to clean up this unappealing mess is smart. In addition to the overall mess, you should also worry about the presence of bacteria, parasites, and viruses in the vomit. Read More 

Benefits Of Hiring A Company To Clean Your Business

28 June 2016
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If you want to keep your company nice and clean, you might want to consider hiring a professional cleaning company to do the job. To understand why this might be in your best interest, you are going to want to check out the following points. You Do Not Have To Stock A Lot Of Cleaning Supplies Besides some very basic things to keep up with daily cleanliness around the office, you will not have to worry about stocking up on a large variety of cleaning solutions. Read More 

Want To Get Your Carpet Cleaned While On Vacation? 4 Steps To Prepare For The Service

27 May 2016
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Maintaining a clean home requires more than just vacuuming and dusting every once in a while. With floors, tile and hardwood are easier to maintain because you only have to worry about grouting or refinishing. But, carpeting requires routine care throughout the year, especially in the form of deep cleaning. While you can set aside a day to get professional carpet cleaning, you can also do it while you are on vacation. Read More 

Bringing A New Cat Into The House? Get Your Carpets Cleaned Beforehand

17 May 2016
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Whether you have one cat or multiple cats, bringing another cat into your home is not an easy task. Some people are lucky enough to always get their hands on laid-back cats who are open to new cats almost immediately, but you should not bet on this being the case in a normal situation. One of the reasons that cats have problems getting along together in the beginning is due to their territorial nature. Read More