Bringing A New Cat Into The House? Get Your Carpets Cleaned Beforehand

17 May 2016
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Whether you have one cat or multiple cats, bringing another cat into your home is not an easy task. Some people are lucky enough to always get their hands on laid-back cats who are open to new cats almost immediately, but you should not bet on this being the case in a normal situation. One of the reasons that cats have problems getting along together in the beginning is due to their territorial nature. Since scent plays a major role in territory, you should get carpet cleaning services before bringing a new cat home.

Enjoy an Easier Introduction

While you will want to familiarize your cats with one another, you do not want to do it directly. Your current cats and your new cat will naturally recognize each other through scent alone. By cleaning the carpet beforehand, you will make it easier for your new cat to adjust in a designated area of the home. Over time, you will want to introduce your new cat to things that have the scent of your resident cats. You will want to follow the same process with your resident cats to begin building a scent bond.

The easiest way to introduce cat scents is to get blankets for every cat to use. Then, you can encourage your resident cats and new cat by putting catnip or cat treats on the blankets to get their scent on them.

Avoid Urine Problems

With carpet cleaning, you will want to include pet odor removal in the service. Whether or not your cats have had issues with not urinating in the litter box, you are better off removing all signs of cat urine. This will keep your new cat from getting the idea that they need to mark the territory or use it as a litter box. Although you may have a high-quality vacuum, a professional cleaning will certainly get rid of any litter crystals that may have got stuck in the carpet, which could contain the urine scent of your resident cats.

Another way that urinating can become an issue is when you introduce your cats too early. Cats do not like change, so it is best when you make changes as subtly as possible. Along with having clean carpets, you may want to introduce cat pheromone plug-ins throughout the house to ease stress levels.

Bringing a new cat into your home may be a difficult process in the beginning, but cleaning the carpets is one way that you can make it easier for your resident cats and your new cat to start getting along. 

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