Five Trees For Commercial Landscaping That Resist Adverse Urban Conditions

3 January 2017
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Most people with no experience in commercial landscaping fail to understand that what works in residential spaces often isn't the best choice for use in commercial districts. Many types of trees, for instance, simply don't perform well in the kind of conditions found in urban business districts. Pollution, salt runoff, vehicle exhaust, and cramped conditions caused by an abundance of pavement can all cause some types of trees to fail or thrive. Read More 

How To Protect Your Florida Home From The 4 Biggest Threats Of Salt Water

14 July 2016
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Water damaged homes along the coast of Florida have much more to contend with than those that are inland. Whether you're a long-time Floridian or you're new to the state, you may not realize that during a hurricane or other severe storm, water is pulled off the ocean before being dumped back down on buildings, homes, and other property, leaving behind a different kind of damage in its wake. If you live anywhere that has a regular hurricane season, here are the four biggest ways that salt water is a threat to your safety as well as your belongings, and what you need to do about them. Read More 

Didn’t Make It To The Toilet? Safe, Efficient Solutions To Clean Up Vomit From Carpet And Rugs

11 July 2016
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From food poisoning or stomach infections to a more involved gastrointestinal illness, vomiting is a common side effect of many health issues. If you have ever suffered with a virus or gastrointestinal illness, you most likely understand how vomiting works. In most cases, you will not have the time or skill needed to avoid vomiting outside of your bathroom, so learning how to clean up this unappealing mess is smart. In addition to the overall mess, you should also worry about the presence of bacteria, parasites, and viruses in the vomit. Read More 

Potty Training Problems? Simple Solutions to Remove Puppy Poo from Your Carpet

13 May 2016
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Having a new puppy in your family can be an exciting experience. However, this new family member will require a great deal of responsibility. Unfortunately, potty training your puppy can be a physically and emotionally overwhelming process. Not only will you feel frustrated and exhausted at times, but the potty training process can wreak havoc on the carpet in your home. Considering your puppy's feces may contain threadworms, hookworms, roundworms, parvovirus, and other dangerous bacteria, the efficient, effective removal of a potty-training accident is smart for protecting your family's health. Read More 

Man Cave Flooding: 5 Steps To Take To Help Protect Your Home Entertainment Room

4 March 2016
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The man cave is a great spot for watching sports, playing video games, and chilling out with friends. These entertainment rooms are often located in the basement of a home, making them a little more vulnerable to flooding waters, foundation leaks, and burst pipes in the home. If some type of water problem has flooded your man cave, it's not time to panic. Instead you should follow five steps to help assess the situation and protect as many things as you can. Read More