Man Cave Flooding: 5 Steps To Take To Help Protect Your Home Entertainment Room

4 March 2016
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The man cave is a great spot for watching sports, playing video games, and chilling out with friends. These entertainment rooms are often located in the basement of a home, making them a little more vulnerable to flooding waters, foundation leaks, and burst pipes in the home. If some type of water problem has flooded your man cave, it's not time to panic. Instead you should follow five steps to help assess the situation and protect as many things as you can. By following each of these steps, you can restore the man cave to what it once was and enjoy the area for many years to come.

Emergency Help

The first step you need to take is contacting a water damage restoration company. When a room has flooded, every minute truly counts towards proper water restoration. By contacting emergency services, they can arrive within a few hours to begin the clean-up process. Not only can a water restoration professional help with cleaning, but they can assess why the flooding occurred and help prevent it from happening in the future.

Making them your first call is the best way to help prevent the onset of mold. Mold can start growing within 24 hours, especially in damp conditions like a basement. This is why it's essential to not hold off on your emergency contact.


The next thing you should remove from your man cave are any electronics. Unplug everything you can from the room and do it carefully to prevent electric shock. This includes televisions, video game consoles, and other things like surround sound systems. Bring these items to a dry and safe location. Use dry cloths to pat them down and remove any moisture. When you're removing the electronics, it's important to not place them on the ground or leave them in any damp areas.

Wooden Furniture

One of the more vulnerable items in your man cave is anything made out of wood. It only take a few minutes for wood to soak up water, warp, and become permanently damaged. Blot off any water found on wooden desks or tables that may be located in the man cave. For larger pieces of furniture with wooden legs, you can blog the legs dry with a cloth and then wrap those legs in aluminum foil to prevent additional water from getting exposed to it. If it is sunny out, remove as many wood pieces as possible and let them dry outside. When emergency workers arrive, they can help you move the larger pieces out of the room and determine whether they are still usable.

Carpets & Fabrics

Fully carpeted floors will have to be cleaned and treated by professionals, but there are a number of other fabrics and pieces that can be removed from the man cave before help arrives. Small throw rugs should be removed and hung up in a safe location. This is especially true for brightly colored rugs. When soaking wet, colored carpets can run and stain other materials. Keep everything separate from each other to prevent this from happening. Blankets, pillows, and floor mats should also be hung up on a clothesline or fence to help them dry out. Taking these items out quickly can help prevent the onset of mold or mildew.

Air Conditioning

If the man cave was flooded during the spring or summer, you can help dry things out by running an air conditioner in the room. A running AC can help eliminate moisture and humidity. This can prevent the onset of mold and give the room a little time to properly dry before the professionals to dry. Run the air conditioner for a few hours at the normal temperatures you use it at. Keep it running even while you're removing items in and out of the room. When professionals arrive, they can determine whether to keep it running or if they have other tools that they will use.

By staying calm and following these steps, you have the best shot at properly saving your man cave and minimizing any long-term damage.For more information on water damage restoration, contact a company like Service King.