Pretty Persian Rugs Need Love Too: When Was The Last Time Yours Was Cleaned?

2 February 2016
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Receiving a Persian rug as part of an inheritance is exciting because you may now be the owner of quite a valuable item. Persian rugs, which are rugs that have been handmade a specific way in Iran, are highly valued depending on a number of factors. These rugs have patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation, with specific designs and a central medallion. The different motiffs can indicate the region the run originally came from. Age, condition, rug material, and design all determine the worth of your newly acquired floor covering. One thing you will quickly discover when you begin to investigate its value is that the way the rug has been cleaned will affect the value of this item. These are the facts you need to know about getting your rug into a clean condition again.

How Can You Determine If A Persian Rug Is Dirty?

There are three quick tests you can do to determine whether your Persian rug is dirty and needs a clean:

  1. Pick one corner of the rug, take it firmly in one hand, and then flick the rug sharply in an upwards motion. You are checking to see how much dirt and dust flies into the air when the rug jerks upwards.
  2. Next, get on your knees and rub your hand deep into the fibers of the rug. Rub your hand around in a circle while pushing down on the rug. After 15 seconds of rubbing, check your hand to see how dirty it is.
  3. While you are down on your knees next to the rug, spread apart some of the fibers with your fingers, and try to look between them at the point where they meet the base of the rug. You are looking to see how dirty the fibers are from the base upwards as most vacuum cleaners cannot get the dirt out that has settled deep within the fibers.

If any of these three tests show dirt is present, then you need to give some thought to getting the rug clean.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rug cleaning needs to be performed by a professional carpet cleaner who knows how to give your inheritance the intricate attention it needs. The main reason you cannot do this yourself is because the chemicals that are found in everyday carpet cleaning products at the supermarket are too harsh for your rug. While most Persian rugs are made of wool, some rugs include silk. If the cleaner used to clean a rug is too acidic, for example, it could strip the color from the silk. Look into companies that list specialties in cleaning antique fabrics and rug and Persian rugs in particular.  

The cost of getting a Persian rug professionally cleaned could cost between $1,000 and $1,500. Whoever you choose to clean your rug for you, make sure you check their references and their current status with the Better Business Bureau. It is pretty difficult for companies to hide bad reviews from potential customers these days.

Getting a Persian rug clean will help to protect the life of your inheritance, and the longer it stays in great shape, the more it will grow in value. Contact a reputable cleaning service and find out what they can do to help you get your beautiful Persian rug looking clean and fresh again. It is up to you now to take care of this beautiful heirloom no matter whether you plan to earmark it as an investment or if you plan to pass it onto the next generation.

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