4 Benefits Of Commercial Pressure Washing Before Applying A Fresh Coat Of Paint

8 February 2023
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Once in a while, your business building exterior will need a fresh coat of paint to boost its appeal and attract target customers. When preparing for the paint job, your contractor might recommend conducting some prep work before the actual project. This often entails removing the older paint work and preparing the surface. Pressure washing is often recommended during this stage for several reasons. As a business owner, you might want to learn some of the benefits of pressure washing a surface before applying a fresh coat of paint.

1. Achieve Lasting Results

Painting on dirty surfaces could lead to ugly parts and a peeling layer of new paint. The contractor will struggle to achieve a uniform surface due to peeling, bubbling, or blistering. Gaps created on the surface are likely to let in moisture underneath the surface, which could damage your siding or the painted material. If you want lasting results, consider power washing the surface before applying paint. The pressure washing experts will remove the dirt and grime that might alter the paintwork.

2. Protect the Surface

Power washing your commercial building is a task best left to professionals. The service entails using pressurized water to dislodge dirt that might be stuck on the surface. Unfortunately, if you consider a DIY pressure washing method, you might damage the surface rather than clean it. Improper use of the equipment could also destroy the surface. However, professionals protect your walls and siding and leave no damage behind.

3. Identify Issues

During pressure washing, contractors discover hidden damage that would have otherwise gone unnoticed if you decided to skip the process. For example, you could discover rotten wood, cracked siding pieces, missing window seals, and holes. These weak points can expose your commercial building to structural damage, pest infestation, fast deterioration, energy inefficiency, and water damage. Pay attention to the surface after a session of intense power washing to ensure you fix issues on time before applying the paint.

4. Quality Services

Looking at your commercial building's exterior, how long would it take for you to scrub and clean the entire surface? It would likely take a lot of time and effort and you may not achieve the desired results. You may not eliminate all the dirt, which might affect the painting project.

Commercial power washing service presents an efficient way to save time and energy. The cleaners have the right equipment, techniques, products, and experience to get the job done in no time. This will help avoid delays and get the commercial building painted on time.

You don't want to spend a lot of money on paintwork only to get poor results because they skipped commercial pressure washing. Remember to hire competent professionals to prepare your commercial building for repainting. For more information on commercial pressure washing, contact a company near you.