Why You Should Power Wash Your House At Least Once A Year

14 January 2022
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Is your house not looking quite as good as it used to? Have you picked up one or more noticeable stains on your siding or other areas of the house's exterior? If so, it might be time for the kind of professional cleaning that only a local residential power washing company can provide. Here's why you should get your house power washed by a seasoned pro at least once per year.

Temporary Stains Can Turn Permanent

Do you really need your house to be power washed every year if the stains don't look that bad? You may think that the dirt on your home will wipe off whenever you want it to. Well, that might not be the case in reality. That small and temporary stain could quickly become a permanent addition to your house's exterior if you allow it to outstay its welcome. Let stains continue to build up, and you might one day find that not even a good power washing will be able to remove the now-permanent damage to your siding or exterior. Get your house power washed once a year in order to ensure you keep dirt and stains off.  

Remove Dust, Mildew, and Allergens to Keep Your Family Healthy

Beyond just keeping your house looking nice, there's another reason you might want to remove dirt and other grime from your exterior on a regular basis. Dust and dirt can become a nice home for allergens or mildew to set up shop. Do you often have allergy problems in the spring when you open up your windows? You might not know that if your exterior is still covered in grime from the winter, that grime might be allowing allergens and other irritants to establish a permanent foothold on your home. That means that some of those allergens could be making it inside your house once you crack open the windows.

Your House Will Remain Primed for Any Future Exterior Work You Decide to Tackle

Are you planning on doing some painting to your house exterior or other outside work? If there is dirt or grime on the exterior, it could make it very difficult for a new paint job to properly stick to the exterior material you are trying to put it on. A regular washing once per year or a washing right before your next project will keep the exterior primed for whatever comes next. 

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