3 Tips To Prepare For Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

9 August 2021
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Once you have scheduled professional carpet cleaning services, it's important that you effectively prepare for the entire cleaning exercise. Preparing your home for a professional carpet cleaning service ensures the process runs smoothly and efficiently within the shortest time possible.

From the pieces of furniture to kids' toys and pets, there's a lot of stuff you need to keep in order before the cleaning team arrives. Here are three main tips you should consider when preparing for the next carpet cleaning service.

Move Your Furniture

Furniture acts as the main barrier to effective carpet cleaning when left in your living room. Since most furniture is heavy, it can be challenging to move the pieces alone or at the last minute. It's, therefore, important you organize with a family member or friend to help you move your furniture a few hours or a day before your carpet cleaning.

Another reason you should move your furniture in advance is to avoid additional charges when you let the cleaning company do the moving for you. If the cleaners charge by the hour, they'll use less time cleaning if the carpet is free of any obstacles and items. 

If you totally can't move the furniture ahead of time, first ask the cleaning company if they offer such service. This is essential because some carpet cleaning companies don't move things for their clients.

Keep Your Pets Locked and Safe

Pets can be a bother and a nuisance, especially when having some cleaning work undergoing. When using machines and tools to clean your carpet, pets can get excited and may want to play too close to the machines. This could cause the pets to get hurt or the machine to malfunction.

Locking up your pets in a safe place can help streamline the cleaning process and save both you and the cleaning team some precious time. The cleaners will focus on their work, knowing there are no distractions from pets coming their way during the cleaning period.

Do Some Vacuuming

Vacuuming your carpet beforehand can help reduce the cleaning work significantly. Carpets are prone to attract and trap a lot of dirt and debris in their fibers. When you vacuum your carpet before the main cleaning exercise, you help remove the dirt and debris that are loosely trapped in your carpet.

When the carpet cleaning service arrives, the team will have a little to worry about. You should ensure to cover all corners of the carpet so the cleaning team won't have to redo the vacuuming when they arrive.