Professional Hardwood Floor Cleanings Could Help Prep a Home up for Sale

7 January 2021
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When a homeowner intends to put a house up for sale, getting the property into decent shape seems advisable. Cleaning, deep cleaning, a home becomes necessary to make a strong impression on would-be buyers. Washing the walls and windows and making sure the kitchen and bathroom are all essential steps. What if there's a hardwood floor underneath the carpet? Tearing it out and cleaning that floor could do a lot of good. A skilled, professional cleaning team might be best-suited to handle that particular job.

A Good Professional Cleaning May Be in Order

Why might a professional cleaning team be necessary for the job? If a carpet covered the floor for years and years, then the hardwood may be quite dull-looking and even covered in debris. A standard sweeping and mopping might not do the job thoroughly enough. A professional cleaner has both the tools and the know-how to improve things. An incredibly strong, industrial-grade vacuum cleaner might pick up all the loose debris. A standard vacuum cleaner may be far more successful and deliver the "prep work" preceding the cleaning and disinfecting session.

Cleaning off the Surface

Since the hardwood floor rested underneath a rug, there could be adhesive substances on the surface. Cleaning the surface may require a delicate and expert hand. Being too abrasive could lead to scratching the wood and hurting the look. Someone who knows how to remove caked or stuck-on substances might do so without damaging anything. Some damage might already be present, though. While the cleaning service won't be likely to fix a significant amount of square footage, small imperfections and scratches "here and there" might undergo some improvements.

Adding a Scent to the Interior

A shiny new look might not be the only benefit that a cleaning service delivers. What about the scent from the wood floor? A scented cleaning solution won't remain forever, but the scent of a newly cleaned floor could be a positive trait. And follow-up cleanings could further contribute to keeping the interior smelling nice. That's a trait that could have a desirable effect on people coming to look at the home.

Easier Follow up Cleanings

Once a dramatic hardwood floor cleaning occurs, the homeowner might not have to work hard to maintain a shiny, sparkling floor. Perhaps a single weekly mopping may be enough to keep things looking good. And the house and its floor might look great for showings. For those interested in hardwood floor cleaning, contact a company like Leo's Holland Floor Maintenance for more information.