Keep Your Bathroom Tile Clean Through Daily Care And Professional Cleaning When Needed

3 October 2018
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If you're embarrassed by your stained or dirty bathroom tile, then you should consider having it cleaned by a professional. Once the grout is stained with dirt or mildew, it's hard to get your floors or shower walls clean again using regular cleaning techniques. Here's how a tile cleaning service can help and what you can do to keep your tile clean afterward.

Why Bathroom Tile Is Hard To Clean

The grout between the tiles is porous so it can soak up dirt and discolor easily. Plus, the small grout lines can be tedious to clean. When you wash the tile, the dirt often collects in the grout lines, so just mopping your floor is not enough to keep it clean. Plus, mold and mildew can be a problem. Once mold is in the grout or corners of a shower wall, it's difficult to remove. Add to that the hard water scale and soap scum that accumulates on the tiles, and your floors and walls look dull even after you clean them.

How A Tile Cleaning Service Helps

A tile cleaning service uses a commercial wet vac or steam cleaner that forces water into the tile and grout to deep clean it. The water is extracted during the process, so dirt is pulled out of the floor. In addition, the right cleaning solutions are applied that lift dirt, remove mildew, and break up scale and scum. The cleaning process makes the grout lines look brighter, and the tiles appear smooth and shiny again. Depending on the type of tile you have, the service might seal the floors after cleaning them, so they stay clean longer.

How To Maintain Your Bathroom Tile

Prevent the growth of mildew by keeping the tile as dry as you can. Use a small rug near the tub to soak up water as you exit the tub or shower. Dry off the shower tiles rather than let them dry naturally. This not only prevents mildew, but it also helps eliminate water spots so that the tile stays shiny. If your tiles are sealed after being cleaned, you'll probably need to avoid acidic cleaners. You can mop with a mild soap solution and rinse well to prevent film buildup. Also, be sure to sweep the floor before you mop to remove dirt and grime. This keeps the mop water as clean as possible, so dirty water doesn't settle into the grout.

Consider setting up a schedule for having your bathroom tile deep cleaned, so it always stays shiny and fresh. Tile needs to be cleaned in a manner similar to carpet. Daily care keeps it tidy, but occasional deep cleaning is needed to remove ground in dirt and stains. For more information, contact a company like Ultra Clean of Arkansas.