3 Different Ways To Professionally Clean Clothing

3 May 2018
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When you take your clothing to a dry cleaner, there are a number of different cleaning process that your clothing can undergo. The three main types of cleaning that your clothing can go through are laundering, wet cleaning, and dry cleaning.

1. Laundering

Laundering is similar to the way you clean your clothing at home, but with a little more care and attention. Water, as well as special detergents, are used to clean your clothing. Starch is often added during the wash cycle for formal garments, which allows the entire garment to be treated at once.

The drying process is also a little different. When your garments are dried, they are put on a series of presses while they are being dried. This creates clothing that has a nice, crisp, and professional look to it when it is done. Although soap and water are used like when you do laundry at home, the overall process is much more professional.

2. Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is another process that may seem similar to the way that you clean clothes at home, but with a professional twist to it. With wet cleaning, water is used to clean your clothing. Before wet cleaning starts, any spots and stains are treated on your clothes using specific and special cleaners. When your garments are washed, special detergents are used. If delicate clothing is washed, special settings are used for the washing process.

Wet cleaning works really well when you have clothing that has stains that are water-based. This is the best process for getting rid of water-based stains. The machines used to clean your clothing in the wet cleaning process utilize computer-controlled boards that allow the dry cleaner to set the machines to much more specific parameters.

3. Dry-Cleaning

Finally, there is dry cleaning. With dry cleaning, water is not used to clean your clothing. Instead, other fluid mixtures are used to clean your clothing. This is used for delicate clothing whose fibers are damaged by water. With the dry-cleaning process, special fluids are used that do not compromise the quality of the fibers on your clothing. Your clothing is washed and often dried inside of one machine creating what is known as a "dry to dry" process.

When you take your clothing to a dry cleaner, there is actually a variety of different cleaning methods they can use to clean your clothing based on the fiber make-up of your clothing as well as the care instructions on your clothing. For more information, contact your local dry cleaning delivery service.