Maximize the Impact of Carpet Cleaning by Handling Several Tasks Beforehand

12 January 2018
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Although you may have a vacuum that you use for regular cleaning, you may not have the appropriate equipment to handle deep carpet cleaning. So, you may intend on hiring a carpet cleaning company to help with this process. If you are ready to get this service, you should consider investing time and effort into maximizing the impact of the service that you receive.

Dog Grooming

If your dog has not recently been groomed, they may roam around the house and shed hair regularly. While they will continue to shed hair after grooming, you can reduce how much dog hair gets onto the floor and furniture in your home by investing in regular grooming. You will find it worthwhile to get dog grooming service before the day of the carpet cleaning service.


Another task that you should handle before carpet cleaning is thorough dusting. This means going into every nook and cranny of your home with a duster and dust mop and cleaning up. You can go as far as wiping down the walls and ceilings with a duster to loosen up the hidden dust. This will bring most of the dust to the floor where carpet cleaners will pick every particle up.

This is the perfect time to begin dusting because you will not have to worry about dusting in certain directions so that it is easy to clean up. You can dust with the intention of directing everything on the carpet whether you are dusting off decorations and behind television stands.


If you need to get help from a plumber, electrician, or handyman, you should consider hiring them before carpet cleaning. When they come over, they will likely walk inside with their work boots, which may have some dirt and grime on them after a long day at work. If any stains happen to show up, you will feel better knowing that carpet cleaners can remove them for good.

Shoe Cleaning

Not only can the shoes of professionals get your home dirty, but the shoes for your whole family can have an impact on how dirty your carpet gets. Taking the time to clean all sneakers, heels, and boots before carpet cleaning service will prevent the carpet from getting dirty quickly.

By spending a week or two handling these tasks before you speak with carpet cleaners, you will feel more confident about the money that you spend on carpet cleaning service.