Things To Know About Caring For Your Restaurant's Hood Venting System

28 July 2017
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A professional kitchen requires ample equipment to accommodate the intense conditions and large amounts of food that will need to be prepared. In particular, the restaurant hood can be an essential tool for keeping your restaurant safe from a number of potential hazards.

What Will Occur If You Fail To Have Your Restaurant Hood Cleaned?

The hood in your restaurant's kitchen is designed to remove grease and smoke that is produced by the stove. Over time, the grease and smoke particles will start to gather in the air filters, vents, ducting, and mechanical parts of the hood. If you do not have these substances cleaned out of the hood on a regular basis, they can clog the flow of air through the system, which can lead to smoke and smells accumulating in the kitchen and restaurant. Also, it can be possible for the grease to ignite, which can cause a fire to rapidly spread throughout your restaurant.

Can Your Employees Handle Cleaning The Restaurant Hood?

Due to the importance of keeping the restaurant hood clean, it is necessary to have this work done on a frequent basis. However, you should be aware that your employees will be unlikely to be suited to thoroughly cleaning the hood. While your employees should regularly remove any grease or other substances from the exterior of the hood, these devices are mechanically complex and may need to be disassembled to be cleaned. Allowing someone that lacks the training or tools to clean the interior of the hood can put it at a much higher risk of suffering serious damage that could put your restaurant and employees in danger or be extremely expensive to repair. Therefore, you should always leave this work to professional restaurant hood service companies.

Contact a company like National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group for help with hood cleaning.

What Happens When You Have Your Restaurant's Hood Professionally Cleaned?

During the process of having the restaurant's hood thoroughly cleaned, the stove will be unable to be used as it will not be possible to vent the fumes that are produced. Additionally, the technician will service the mechanical parts of the hood to ensure that they are in good condition. It can be possible for motors to start to wear out without you noticing it, and this can drastically impact the effectiveness of your restaurant's hood venting system. Not surprisingly, this type of work can take several hours to complete if the hood has been allowed to get extremely dirty. However, you can minimize or completely avoid disruptions for scheduling these cleaning and service visits during periods when your restaurant is closed.