How To Keep Your Vacant Rental House Clean

24 July 2017
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It is difficult to keep your rental house in order while looking for renters. As the manager of a residential property management company, you may have some downtime in between renters. When a house is allowed to sit, it starts to collect dust and look unkempt. It is a property manager's duty to make sure rental properties are cleaned for showings. Read on to find out how to keep your rental house clean while it's vacant.

Hire A Cleaning Service

A cleaning service can provide your house, rental property, or business with a professional cleaning. A deep or professional cleaning is when every nook and cranny of your home is given special treatment. These cleaning services may include mopping floors, disinfecting the toilets, vacuuming, cleaning the inside and outside of windows, cleaning mirrors, and cleaning countertops. Cleaning companies can also customize a plan to fit your needs. The average cost of a deep cleaning is between $200 to $400, depending on the size of your house. It is up to the property manager to find the right vendor to clean the rental property.

Maintain The Cleaning

After the deep cleaning, you must keep your property in order. It means having someone checking out your property throughout the month. To maintain your deep cleaning, you are going to need someone to sweep, perform light dusting, mop, and keep mirrors clean. It also helps to keep clutter from building up around your property. This means checking the mail, getting rid of old newspapers, and clearing out litter.

Keep The Yard In Order

A yard can attract potential renters to your home. It helps to keep your yard raked, mowed, and watered. You can have a lawn service maintain the yard or hire someone who wants to make extra money. The weather conditions will determine how regularly you must redo your yard.

Take A Video Of The Condition

Once you have your rental property clean and in order, you want to make a video. You need a newspaper on hand and want to zoom in on the date. It is essential that you get a clear shot of the date on the paper. This date shows when you made the video. You should go on to record the condition of the rest of the house as well.

Landlords must show potential tenants that they value their property. You can do this by keeping your rental property clean.