Is Your Entire Home Covered In Tile Flooring? Prioritize Cleaning Over Grout Replacement

8 May 2017
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Most homes have several flooring types throughout the home such as tile or hardwood in the kitchen and carpet in the living areas. But, you may have tile in every part of your house. This makes flooring upkeep a bit more straightforward because you can invest in a single method to clean and repair everything. It is inevitable that you will run into a situation in which the tile grout is looking rather dirty. One option is to replace all the grout and start anew, but an even better option is getting grout cleaning instead.

Bring Everything to the Same Level

It is natural for some of the grout to be dirtier than other areas. The kitchen and bathroom are two prime examples, which means you may want to focus on replacing or cleaning these high-traffic areas. But, some grout may not need to be replaced because it is in near perfect condition. The great thing is that grout cleaning is that it will make sure all grout is in the same condition once the service is finished. This will prevent you from having uneven wear and tear in some areas without spending extra money.

Save a Lot of Money

If you were to replace all the grout, you would be spending a considerable amount of money at around $10 per square foot. Even if you were to just replace the grout that is severely worn down, your costs would still be high. The alternative in grout cleaning is around $430 on average, which is a far more reasonable amount to pay for getting the tile flooring in your home looking attractive again.

Avoid Undertaking a Huge Project

There is a lot that goes into the process of removing old grout and replacing it with a new layer. When you consider getting this project done to some or all your home, you might have to dedicate an entire weekend or longer to making sure the home is not being used. The best solution may be to board your cats and dogs to prevent them from getting in the way or avoid confining them to a certain area. The cleaning is easier to handle as a homeowner because it can be taken care of in a smaller time frame.

When you know that the tile grout in your home is not looking its best, you should not hesitate to prioritize cleaning over replacement because it will save you time and money while still producing great results. For more information, contact companies like Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc.