Need The Office Cleaned? Consider Scheduling Service For Right Before Your Lunch Hour

27 April 2017
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Managing an office means you will need to take care of your employees and the workplace itself. While your employees can handle their own workspaces by cleaning up food, drink, and trash, you need to make sure the office is a presentable place. Taking up the task to clean the office on your own is not the greatest idea, even if you have rather high standards for what you consider to be a clean workspace. You can make this work by scheduling an office cleaning appointment with a place like Squeaky Clean right before you have lunch.

Have Employees Move Items

When you have cleaning taken care of in the early morning or late at night, your employees will not be able to move things around in their workspace to guarantee an effective cleaning. But, this is easily avoided by getting it done before lunch as you can make an announcement to your employees that they should clean everything non-essential off their desk in preparation for a thorough cleaning. This will make it so that the results you get from office cleaning last longer than if no preparation was made at all.

Make Specific Requests

An excellent opportunity that comes from having cleaners come over while you are in the office is that you can make specific requests. It is also possible to ask questions about certain things such as a stain that you have had trouble getting out to see what they can do about removing it completely. Also, you can make it known to your employees that if they have any special requests about cleaning to let you know before they arrive and then you can relay them to the professionals once they get to the office.

Inspect the Work

After you get back from lunch, you will have a chance to walk around the office to check on the progress. If you are not satisfied with what you see, then you can bring it up to the cleaners in person. It is possible that a certain spot in the office cannot be cleaned because a stain is just not coming out. Either way, you will feel better knowing that the professionals did their best to leave the office as clean as possible.

It is typical for businesses to get their offices cleaned during off-hours to avoid disturbances. But, you should not hesitate to get cleaning before lunchtime as this will minimize distractions and provide all sorts of additional options that you would not get with service at another time.