How a Professional Cleaner Can Take Care of Your Home Upon Moving Out

24 April 2017
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When you sell your home and are getting ready to move, it's always proper etiquette to leave the residence as clean as possible for the next owners. You might have plans to tidy once the house is empty, but the reality can often be that you're so immersed in the moving process that you have little time for cleaning. Instead of leaving a mess for the next owners, a better plan is to hire a cleaning service to visit the day after you vacate the home and before the new owners arrive.

Beyond cleaning your home from top to bottom, here are some tasks to make sure that the cleaners can perform.

Clean Your Windows

Clean windows are instantly noticeable when someone enters a home, so it's worthwhile to ensure that your move-out cleaning service will also take care of the interior and exterior of the windows throughout your home. This isn't likely a task that you'll do yourself, given that it can require a significant time investment, as well as plenty of physical effort and tools such as telescoping wands. However, you'll feel good about turning over the house knowing that each of its windows is sparkling in time for the new owners to arrive.

Remove Stains

If you have carpets in several rooms throughout your home, there's a strong probability that at least some of them are stained to a degree. Point out these problem areas to the cleaning crew with the hopes that the stains can be removed. Even in the case of old stains that have sunk in over a period of time, the cleaning crew may have a high degree of success dealing with these issues. This task can transform the appearance of your carpeted rooms and make the home appear much nicer for the new owners when they move in.

Remove All Waste

You want to be sure that the cleaners take any waste with them when they leave. While you shouldn't leave any garbage behind once you move out, the same holds true to the cleaners. They'll often collect a fair amount of garbage during the process of cleaning your home, and you want to be sure that this waste isn't left in a garbage bag in the garage for the new owners to deal with. Many cleaning services who offer move-out services will take any waste with them, but it's always important to ask.

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