Three Ways To Ensure Your Power Washing Experience Is More Eco-Friendly

22 March 2017
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Whether your house needs a quick boost of curb appeal or whether you've only just realized that it has dingy gray marks on the siding from mud splatters, power washing is an easy way to set things right. But as you may have guessed, spraying large quantities of grungy, detergent-filled water around your yard isn't great for your ecological footprint. Here are three ways you can reduce the environmental impact of having your home pressure washed.

1. Make sure the used water is caught and, if possible, recycled

If you can find an eco-friendly power washing company, you may be able to have the whole job completed using only recycled water. Or the company may collect the water runoff from the job and recycle it for future use. But even a conventional power washing company has the capability to manage wastewater effectively; it's not eco-friendly to leave this dirty water sitting around so it can pollute your yard or escape through drains into some defenseless waterway. Be sure you talk to the power washing company beforehand to make sure they have wastewater management practices in place to mitigate the effect of this polluted water.

2. Choose a hot water wash or eco-friendly detergents

Some eco-friendly pressure washing companies opt to use a hot water wash that allows them to forgo detergents because the high temperatures are similarly effective at pulling grime off the sides of your house. Others may choose to use an eco-friendly detergent. Phosphate-free detergents and biodegradable detergents are two examples of detergents with eco-friendly features. If you can't find or prefer not to use a hot water washing service, simply ask your pressure washing company if they use an eco-friendly detergent (or are willing to do so).

3. Choose a pressure washing company that uses eco-friendly business practices

Eco-friendly detergents and water recycling are two eco-friendly options that are specific to pressure washing, but there are plenty of other eco-friendly business practices that you should look for as well. For example, does the company drive hybrid vehicles or trucks that run on biofuel? Do they offer paperless billing? These and other factors are a good reason to choose a "green" power washing company if you can find one in the area, rather than just choosing a company and asking them to use eco-friendly detergent.

These three methods will help you to increase your eco-friendly effect by keeping your house looking beautiful without throwing around harsh detergent chemicals.