Hosting A Dinner Engagement? Have A Cleaning Service Perform These Jobs First

16 March 2017
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In advance of a dinner party, you'll want your home to look its best. To accomplish this goal, you may be tempted to hire a cleaning service to clean your entire home so that it feels welcoming to all of your guests. While a clean home is certainly important, you may wish to have your cleaner stick around a little longer to specifically focus on some jobs related to the dinner party. Many residential cleaners can perform a wide range of tasks that you might not expect, so you'll appreciate having this professional in your home in the days leading up to the gathering. Here are some specific jobs that your cleaner can handle.

Polishing Dishes And Cutlery

You don't want to be embarrassed by serving your guests with dishes and cutlery that are dull or have fingerprints on them. Many cleaning services can polish these accessories so that they sparkle. This is especially important for silver cutlery and serving dishes, as they tarnish over time. Polishing these items to restore their shine is a labor-intensive job, and one that you might not have time for in advance of the party. When you get your cleaner involved, you can count on the silverware looking its best. Serving bowls, platters, glasses, and any other items that you'll be using can also be cleaned and polished, as needed.

Cleaning The Oven

If you'll be using the oven, it's possible that some of your guests who are hanging out in the kitchen will take a peek at the food as it comes out. If your oven is dirty inside, it doesn't mean that the food will necessarily be harmed, but the sight may be a bit of a turnoff for some guests. Unless you have a self-cleaning oven and you're happy to do the work yourself, you'll appreciate having your house cleaner spend some time making sure that the interior of the oven is in tip-top shape.

Wiping Down Furniture

If you have children, your kitchen chairs and the underside of your kitchen table may be sticky from the kids' hands. No guest wants to sit down to a meal and feel sticky food residue on his or her chair, so having your residential cleaner go over the furniture carefully to ensure everything is clean will be a major advantage. A cleaner like Deep Cleaning will wipe down each of the surfaces of these items so that anyone who touches them won't suffer any ill effects.