3 Ways to Extend the Benefits of a Professional Carpet Cleaning

13 March 2017
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Maintaining a clean home may have been one of your pledges when you became a homeowner. It is a bit easier to keep this up when you balance out the cleaning with professional help and your own efforts. If you have been getting carpet cleaning service every 12 months on a consistent basis, your carpet likely has no leftover stains and looks rather new compared to its actual age.

Despite the great results, you may be looking to continue to have great looking carpet for as long as possible between carpet cleaning visits. This means you should come up with a plan to implement certain things after a company cleans your carpets.

Start Using a Robot Vacuum

A standard vacuum is an effective way to clean the carpeting in your home, but it is inevitable for dirt and grime to build up and getting rubbed around in the fibers leading up to the vacuuming. Even vacuuming twice a week will produce these results, so an excellent solution is to invest in a robot vacuum. This will allow you to reduce your vacuuming down to once a week and let the robot vacuum do the rest. You can have it clean the house on a daily basis to pick up all dirt particles before they become minor stains.

Add Floor Protection

The carpet in your home may be an ideal color for making sure dirt does not show up well, but this does not mean you should let your carpet get dirty when it is avoidable. You will want to take the robot vacuum into consideration before getting floor protection, but you should be able to use carpet runner mat. Its design usually includes grip on the bottom side to prevent it from moving around once placed down. You may want to try out different high-traffic areas in your house to see where they are the most effective. It is even worth asking a carpet cleaner for suggestions on floor protectors and where to place them.

Adjust Some Habits

Eating at the coffee table with all sorts of drinks and snacks may be a family tradition. But, this tradition can lead to problems with the carpet when something ends up spilling or getting on the carpet surface. It is better to adjust the snacks that you eat or the drinks that you have. You can make it a rule that only water and non-staining foods such as apples, popcorn, and crackers are allowed in the living room. Making these changes will also save you money on carpet cleaning because you will not have to pay a little extra to get out the stains that would normally have accumulated around the coffee table.