Keep Your Laundry Room Tidier With These Simple Techniques

7 March 2017
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Your laundry room is the room you visit for cleaning your clothing, linens, and towels, but if you don't take a careful approach to keeping this room clean, too, it may quickly become messy. If you have a large family with never-ending laundry needs, you might find yourself spending hours each week in the laundry room, so it's important to keep the space as tidy as possible. If you get your home professionally cleaned by a residential cleaning service, your ability to keep the laundry room in order means that the cleaners can spend more time in other important areas of your home, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Here are some simple ways to keep your laundry room tidier.

Shake Your Sheets Outside First

Through use, your bed sheets can get filled with hair, lint, and other small elements that necessitate washing. However, when you carry the sheets into the laundry room, dump them on the floor, and begin loading them into the machine, the hair and lint will often fall out and land on the floor. By the time you've done multiple loads of sheets, the floor might be messy. You can avoid this problem by quickly stepping outside with your laundry basket and shaking the sheets off before taking them down to your laundry room.

Keep A Microfiber Cloth Handy

Doing each load of laundry produces plenty of lint that can quickly coat the surfaces inside your laundry room and make this messy. For example, when you pull the lint trap out of the dryer to clean it, many tiny particles of lint will be sent airborne. You can deal with this threat to the cleanliness of the space by keeping a microfiber cloth handy. This type of cloth is valuable for picking up lint, and quickly wiping things down between loads of laundry can keep the room clean.

Place A Garbage Can In The Room

Many rooms in your home have their own garbage cans, but this isn't always true where your laundry room is concerned. Keeping a small garbage can in this room can be handy. Whether you find tissues in pants pockets or you're removing tags from new clothing before washing it, you can easily dispose of these issues. Without a garbage, many people will have the tendency to place the items on the washing machine or dryer, but may forget to take them when they leave the room. These items can then fall on the floor and contribute to the mess.

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