Need Carpet Cleaning Before The Holidays? 3 Tips To Prevent Problems

21 December 2022
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Making a good impression on your guests can be challenging when the carpeting in your home isn't in the greatest condition. If the carpet has visible messes or is discolored from years without a deep cleaning and only vacuuming, it can be time to schedule a professional cleaning. When you're eager to have the cleaning done before the holidays arrive, there are many steps you can take to ensure it goes how you expected. 

Be Firm With Your Schedule

If you have plans for visitors, you're likely on a strict schedule of when you want any cleaning done. Since carpet cleaning needs to include time to dry thoroughly, you'll also need to account for this step of the process. 

When you reach out to carpet cleaning companies, you can inquire about the timeline to expect for cleaning. This should include nearly every step of the process and have a firm time and date that the cleaning will be complete. 

Discuss Expectations

Whether you want the cleaning to focus on the main living areas or every area of your home with carpeting, you'll need to discuss this first with the cleaners. Since the cost can vary so much based on the square footage of your home and whether there are stairs, you need to discuss your expectations with the cleaning company. 

By scheduling cleaning through an experienced company, they can view your home in person to assess what areas need the most thorough cleaning. This will ensure that the cost matches the work done and that there won't be any misunderstandings over what areas are cleaned. The cleaning methods used can also vary based on the assessment of your carpeting during a walkthrough. 

Prepare Your Home 

Before any cleaning begins, you'll need to pick up clutter and make the carpeting accessible. It may be your responsibility to move sofas, tables, and other furniture out of the way. Whether you handle this alone or rely on the cleaners to prepare your home, you'll need to make a plan ahead of time.

As you get ready to deep clean your carpeting, you'll need to understand how a strict timeline or your expectations can affect the results. By considering the above steps for preparing your home and scheduling professional cleaning, you can feel confident that the carpet cleaning will go as expected and get your home ready for visitors. 

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