Is Your Home Making You Ill? Professionally Clean Your Carpet

15 July 2022
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If you feel extremely tired, lethargic, or even ill when you spend time at home, professionally clean your carpet today. Carpet fibers can trap dirt, dust, and even germs over time. If you don't remove the debris from your carpet, it can slowly make you ill. A professional carpet cleaning can help minimize the germs in your home. Learn more about the debris in your carpet and how a good cleaning can remove it below.

What Lives in Your Carpet?

If you have small children and pets in the home, you may rely on carpet to keep your loved ones comfortable and safe during the day. However, carpet can become unsafe if it builds up with things that can harm your loved ones, including bacteria, dust mites, and even insect casings. Carpet can also give off chemical odors and pollutants that may cause harm to your loved ones as well. 

Dirty carpet can trigger a number of health issues in people, including allergy symptoms and headaches. The symptoms may become worse or unmanageable over time. 

If you recently visited a doctor, and they can't find anything wrong with your health, the carpet in your home may be behind your illness. If you want to be sure your home's carpeting is behind your illness, have it professionally cleaned soon.

How Does a Professional Carpet Cleaning Help?

A carpet cleaning contractor or company can remove the debris from your flooring for you. A contractor may use several methods to clean your carpet, including steam cleaning. A contractor or company will use hot water and an extraction vacuum to steam clean your carpet. Hot water helps loosen up the debris hidden deep within your carpet's fibers. 

If steam cleaning isn't an option for you, a contractor or company may use a power scrubber to clean your flooring. The scrubber breaks up the debris sitting inside and outside your carpet's fibers. Some companies use special cleaning solutions to break up and dissolve dirt and pollutants from the fibers of carpet. 

If you have concerns about the chemical odors or content found in carpet cleaners, alert a contractor or company right away. A professional may be able to clean your carpet with an all-natural cleanser instead.

You can keep your home's flooring clean and fresh throughout the year by having it professionally maintained. A carpet cleaning contractor or company can discuss the best times to maintain your flooring after they visit your home.

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