Dealing With A Burst Water Pipe In Your Basement

21 May 2019
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Not every home flood occurs because of Mother Nature's rage – sometimes, it's caused by a burst pipe. If you're looking for information about what to do when a water pipe bursts and fills your basement with water, you'll find some help here. Here, you'll find a few tips on how to best proceed following a burst water line inside your home.

Shut off the Water

If you haven't done so already, get the water main shut off. Usually, the water shut off is found near the pressure tank or hot water heater in the home. If not, it may be located outside the house near the water meter. Get the water shut off as quickly as possible to try to limit the damage.

Shut off the Power

In many cases, it's best to shut off the power when flooding occurs. This is because the water could cause electrical gadgets to short and spark a fire or you could end up getting shocked as you work to clean up the mess.

You can shut the power off one of two ways – at the main breaker on the meter outside your home, or on the breaker panel inside the home. If you can't safely get to the breaker panel inside, shut the power off from outside and then, go in and shut off the breakers to the basement area – this way, you can retain power in the rest of the home without putting yourself at risk of shock.

Call a Water Removal Specialist

Removing the water from the basement can be tricky – especially if your floor drains aren't allowing the water to drain. Instead of trying to remove all of the water yourself, hire a professional crew to come in and do it for you. What may seem like a seemingly basic project is actually quite complicated. This is because if you leave any water behind a shelving unit or inside the walls, the damage will continue to grow until the water damaged materials are removed or dried out. That water damage could result in mold growth putting you and your family at risk of mold exposure.

Call a Plumber

Not only will the water damage have to be cleaned up and repaired, but the burst pipe will also need to be replaced or repaired. Contact your local plumber to gain assistance in making sure that the pipe is repaired properly and to inspect the remaining lines to ensure this doesn't happen again in the near future.

Hopefully, the above advice will help you get through this difficult time and prevent it from happening again in the future. For more help, contact a company like Steam-All Restoration.